Di seguito alcuni feedback ricevuti dalla pubblicazione del libro

...” your magnificent work and know that I am one of your great admirers”. Prof Leonard Linkow - New York

...” Thank you for the terrific contribution to the science and art of implant dentistry. I will tell everyone about how great it is”. Prof Carl Misch - Misch International Implant Institute - Beverly Hills

...” I found the book of interest”... David Mock, DDS, PhD, FRCD(C) - Professor and Dean - Faculty of Dentistry - University of Toronto

...” I want to thank you for this extraordinary book. The roots of our profession are going beck and we have to discover our past”. Dr. Zeev Ormianer – Prosthodontist - Diplomate & ICOI VP for Israel

...” it can broaden horizons of techniques and types of implants which can be used to provide the best possible care for the patients“.......”must be read, learned and abided”. Prof. Sergey Popov - Head of Department - Department of Orthodontics St.Petersburg Medical Academy of postgraduate studies - St.Petersburg

...” I have already gained a greater appreciation for the pioneers in the implant field and the studies and thoughts that have bought about our current sophistication in implantology”. Robert E. Marx, DDS -Professor of Surgery and Chief -Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

...” I have read I liked very much- A lot of history is recorded which is not usually found in other text books”... Dr Savio Lourenco - Indian Society of Oral Implantologists – Goa -India

...” I think this text would be of value for senior dental students and also all graduate students as well as faculty”... Martha J. Somerman, DDS, PhD - Dean University of Washington School of Dentistry – Seattle

...” your book in a simple word AMAZING!!!”...”In recent years many books dealing with implants are published and they are more of the same yet your book gives the right perspective and it is a beauty mainly for academic reasons”. Prof. Rephael Zeltser - Head, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery -Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine - Jerusalem

...” Lo voy a leer con detenimiento dispuesta a aprender de los maestros (ademas de amigos ) italianos.Tendriamos que ver la posibilidad de distribuirlo en Espana” ... Dr Doña Araceli Morales Sanchez – President SEI (Sociedad Española de Implantes )

...” I look forward to reviewing it and possibly using it as literature in our program.”... Jon B Suzuki, D.D.S; ph.D., M.B.A - Professor of Periodontology - Oral Implantology (School of Dentistry) Associate Dean for Graduate Education - Kornberg School of Dentistry – Temple University – Philadelphia

...” ¡¡¡HE RECIBIDO ESE MARAVILLOSO LIBRO!!!”... Dr. José Ma Arano Sesma - Institut Odontologia Integral Barcelona - Escuela de Formación en Odontología Integral - Barcelona

...” I appreciated the summery of Italian implantology”... Prof Per-Ingvar Brånemark - Brånemark Center Göteborg - Göteborg

...” your book has given us the opportunity to review and re-look at the earlier concept and we are confident that it might bring in lots of changes in our thinking, practice and applications”. Lt Gen (Retd) Dr T. Rovindramoth, AVSM, VSM M.D.S.; FADI (USA) - Director/ Principal – Army College of Dental Sciences - Secunderabad

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